Disorders and Diseases of the Nails

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disorders of the Nail
Signs or Symptoms
Discolored Nails
Nails turn a variety of colors; may indicate surface staining, a systemic disorder, or poor circulation.
Bruised Nails
Dark purplish spots, usually due to physically injury.
Ridged Nails
Lengthwise, wavy ridges seen in normal aging.
Eggshell Nails
Noticeably thin, white plate, more flexible than normal; usually caused by improper diet, hereditary factors, internal disease, or medication.
Beau’s Lines
Depressions running across the width of the nail plate; a result of serious illness or injury.
Living skin around the nail plate (often the eponychium) becomes split or torn.
Infected Finger
Redness, pain, swelling, or pus.
Leukonychia Spots
Whitish discoloration of the nails; usually caused by minor injury to the nail matrix. Not related to the body’s health or vitamin deficiencies.
Significant darkening of the fingernails of toenails.
Bitten nails.
Abnormal surface roughness on the nail plate.
Plicatured Nails
Sharp bend in one corner of the nail plate creating increased curvature.
Nail Pterygium
Abnormal stretching of skin around the nail plate; usually from serious injury or an allergic skin reaction.
Nail Psoriasis
Nail surface pitting, roughness, onycholysis, and bed discolorations.
Pincer/Trumpet Nails
A form of dramatically increased nail curvature.

Diseases of the Nail
Signs or Symptoms
Inflammation of the matrix and shedding of the nail.
Ingrown nails.
Separation and falling off of a nail from the nail bed.
Fungal infection of the natural nail plate.
Bacterial inflammation of the tissues around the nail plate, causing pus, swelling, and redness.
Pyrogenic Granuloma
Severe inflammation of the nail in which a lump of red tissue grows up from the nail bed to the nail plate.
Tinea Pedis
Red itchy patches of skin on the bottom of feet and/or between the toes.

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