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Monday, September 22, 2014

Carinae L'etoile agreed to do the Guest Post for this month and got to me in plenty of time to post on Thursday. But because I was feeling yucky last week I didn't get it posted. I hope you and she will forgive me. At it is... 

Since it's Thursday, I thought I'd do a Throwback Thursday post, in addition to my stuff on Instagram. I'm talking China Glaze OMG Collection. Have you seen it before?

I want to thank Lisa at My Stunning Nails for letting me do this post on her blog. Thank you, thank you!

I'm sure you've seen or at least heard of the China Glaze OMG Collection. It's what made Indie makers try to excel and re-create it. I've re-swatched this collection because I wanted to see how it's held up over the years. I believe this was first released in fall 2008, with the iconic Kaleidoscope coming out before then, I'd say sometime in early 2008 or fall 2007. Don't quote me on that, by the way!

Now that I've re-swatched this collection, there are a few things you have to's faded a little. The colors aren't as vibrant and the holos aren't as holo-y as they used to be. I'm also missing a color - FYI (80810)...well, not so much missing as it broke in the move from Arizona to California. I have a back-up bottle, but it's in its own little collection; it's in the original 2bhawt collection box. No way I am removing it.

Anyway, all the photos below are two coats unless otherwise noted. The formulas are all still quick drying. I'd say China Glaze OMG Collection is still relevant in the nail polish world. Would you agree?

China Glaze DV8 - Diffused

 China Glaze DV8 -Flash
 China Glaze DV8 -Direct Light
China Glaze LOL -Diffused
China Glaze LOL - Flash
 China Glaze LOL - Sunlight/Direct Light
China Glaze BFF - Diffused Light
China Glaze BFF - Flash
China Glaze BFF - Direct Light
China Glaze IDK - Diffused Light
China Glaze IDK - Flash
China Glaze IDK - Direct Light
China Glaze 2NITE - Diffused
China Glaze 2NITE - Flash
China Glaze 2NITE - Direct/Sunlight
China Glaze OMG - Diffused
Described as a silver holo, China Glaze OMG is a bit more dirty/dusty silver than a full on pure silver. Wouldn't you agree?
China Glaze OMG -Flash
 China Glaze OMG -Direct Light/Sunlight
China Glaze QT -Diffused Light
China Glaze QT -Flash
 China Glaze QT - Direct Light/Sunlight
China Glaze TMI -Diffused
 China Glaze TMI -Flash
 China Glaze TMI -Direct Light/Sunlight
China Glaze TTYL - Diffused Light
China Glaze TTYL - Flash
China Glaze TTYL - Direct Light
China Glaze TTYL -Sunlight
 China Glaze GR8 -Diffused Light
China Glaze GR8 - Flash
China Glaze GR8 -Sun
 China Glaze L8R G8R -Diffused
 China Glaze L8R G8R - Flash
China Glaze L8R G8R - Direct
Time has slightly dulled the color base of all the colors, but they are still gorgeous. I also could've stored them in a cooler room, so I'm very sure that played a big part...However, now that you've seen these colors, do you feel like you missed out if you don't have these in your collection?

Thanks for making it this far.
À bientôt (Until next time),

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