Jessica Autumn in New York - A Review

Friday, September 26, 2014

purchased by me I have a review of Jessica's fall collection for you. I have been trying to get to it all month but this has been a bad month for me healthwise. It just seemed like too much to tackle when I wasn't feeling well. I wanted to get it done before the end of the month though because I have other things planned for next month.

Jessica's fall collection is called Autumn in New York and it is filled with striking colors. I had a hard time choosing a favorite. I'd put one on and think, this will be my favorite of the collection, until I put the next one on. It went on like that for several colors.

There are six polishes in this collection. Soho in Love, Mad for Madison, NY State of Mind, Blue Harlem, Meet at the Plaza, and Broadway Bound.

Soho in Love: This is a very soft pink, almost nude for me because I have ver strong pink undertones in my skin. I'm not happy with how it looks in the picture. I think the reason that it looks "lumpy" is because I had the ceiling fan on in my polish room and it was drying too quickly. It is not because it is a bad formula. It is a creme polish and is easily opaque in two coats.

Mad for Madison: Mad for Madison is a creamy chocolate brown and the first of the collection that fell in love with. I went though a period of time when I was really drawn to brown polish and this is one that would have fit in perfectly. It is a creme polish in a sumptuous formula that covers in two coats.

NY State of Mind: This is a grey-blue, or is it a blue-grey? It looks more grey in bottle but when it's on the blue is very evident. This also a creme polish and covers in two coats. I love this one too. It reminds me of a the deep waters of the ocean or a stormy sky.

Blue Harlem: I see a deep purple with hints of blue here. I love this one to although when I look at pictures I think it could have done with a third coat. (Or maybe I just need a better lamp!) This is a creme polish and I liked the consistency.

Meet at the Plaza: This camouflage green polish has a creamy consistency and looks beautiful on the nail. I even thought it was pretty and I usually don't go for dark green polish. It is a creme polish and covers in two coats with ease.

Broadway Bound: This is a fun red! It has a touch of orange in it and shouts look at me! Like the others in this collection it is a creme, it covers in two coats, and it is a quality polish.

Jessica products are Five Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP , Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor and are Made in the USA.

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