Vitagel - A Review Part 1

Monday, September 1, 2014

purchased by meI don't usually review soft gels but I wanted to try this one so I thought I'd report on it for you.

With as often as I change my nail polish the acetone just drys out my nails and they have a tendency to get brittle and crack or split. I am going to get a better cuticle condition because my cuticles can get pretty dry too. (Any suggestions?) I though if I wore this underneath my polish it might protect my nails from the multiple, drying applications of acetone. It's not a new product so you may have aleady used it or heard about it.

I put it on last night and I'll let you know how it works in about two weeks.

By the way, the application was flawless. I love Gelish products and this is no exception.
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