SpaRitual Awakening Holiday Collection - A Review

Monday, December 21, 2015

purchased by me
It's been awhile since I have bought new polish. This collection was a good place to start. I love the colors! They are ones I would have picked out anyway.

There are six colors in this collection. In The Wild, Bright Future, In Service, Take Action, Visionary and Creative Activist.

In The Wild: We'll start with In The Wild, a grayish-white cream that has an almost purplish hue to it. It is a fantastic polish that covers in two coats. I like this very light grey for winter.

Bright Future: This is a plum colored polish that almost covers in two coats. (I touched up a few places with a third coat.) It is a cream polish that's formula is great. I love purple polish and this shade is just different enough from the ones I already have.

Visionary: This is a green-blue shimmer. I like to think of it as a water blue. It was rather thin so it took three coats to cover completely.

Take Action: Take Action is really a topper so I put it over In The Wild. It is sheer, of course, and I only used one coat.

In Service: This is a sky blue and somewhat sheer. I used three coats but it was still sheer. The formula was thin. It is a shimmer polish.

Creative Activist: Finally, we have this brownish-silver polish. It kind of reminds me of dirty snow. It has a hint of holographic glitter in it and it is thin and required three coats.

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