Nail Art - 4th of July

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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So far this has been laid-back week. I have laid-back so much that I am getting behind - LOL. This is Tuesday's Nail Art post, but I just didn't feel like doing it yesterday. I was busy with new online programs that I had downloaded off the Internet. I found some new productivity tools, at least they are new to me.

Evernote is something that I've wanted to try for a long time. It is so flexible you can plan your posts with pictures, lists, text, and links just to name a few things. I had so much fun planning next months posts in Evernote that I lost track of time. Although, it takes less time to do it online then on paper with a pencil/pen.

The other program that I found is called Meistertask. It keeps track of list of things to do in order of projects, tasks, and checklists. It's meant for groups of people working together but it works well for me alone. I have so much planned between now and the end of the year that I don't want to forget to start something at the right time and get behind. I have all of my sales, collaboration boxes, launches of products, and much more in there. It only took me a couple of hours to enter the information and I am organized!

Now onto the reason we are here, Nail Art! It's getting close to the fourth of July, so I designed a nail art for that holiday. I used a red and blue polish to create a gradient. Where they meet it looks purple. I covered that with holographic glitter. It looks very festive.

Here are the nails:

Plan With Me - Le Belle Fleur

Sunday, June 26, 2016

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I'm finally catching up after a very hectic week. It seems I have hardly ever gotten the Plan With Me actually done on Sunday when it is scheduled. I usually end up doing it on Monday morning. Hooray for me!

Today's plan with me is done with a kit called Le Belle Fleur. It's French meaning the beautiful flower. It is kit a with peach roses on a khaki background. It's lovely.

I realized after I had done it that I had given June 31 days rather than the 30 days it actually has. So my design is off a little bit. I'll have to make up for next week.

Don't forget that these stickers come in both the sizes that will fit the MAMBI Happy Planner and the sizes that will fit the Erin Condren planner. They are available in my online shop at

Let's see how it turned out:

Meet the Craft Designer - Cynthia Decker

As a part the new segment I started, I am going to interview a crafter. Cynthia Decker is a crafter is addition to many other things...indie maker, soap maker, etc. But today we are focusing on her skills as a crafter. In this segment, I am pleased bring Cynthia first because I know how tirelessly she works at being  all those things I mentioned and does them well.

Her brand is Alter Ego Body Products and her shop can be found here.

I first asked her how she began crafting and how long she has been crafting? 

It seems I have always been interested in crafting. I remember being very young and finding a dresser scarf my mother had embroidered and loving it. She showed me how to get started with that and as I have seen processes that interest me I research and give it a try :)

Smith & Cult Fauntleroy - A Review

Saturday, June 25, 2016

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Even though I have reduced my posting schedule, I still feel as busy as ever. Maybe it is the summer months. It seems there's more to do in the summer.

For instance, our cat had kittens before we were able to get her fixed and we are busy training them to use the litter box and eat solid food so that they can go to new homes. Granted, this is one of the funner things that has to be done in my busy day. By the way, you don't happen to know anybody that wants a new kitten, do you? Ha – ha.

Today, I am Swatching and Reviewing a polish that doesn't get much attention, however, I have reviewed it once before (a different color, of course). It has been one of my most popular post, by far the most popular.

I first saw it in one of my polish magazines and, I'll admit, that I ordered it because it was so beautiful. The bottle is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is small and squat and has a hammered gold cap. Most of the polishes they make are creamy, opaque cremes. They have a lot of grown-up colors, neutrals and classics. But that doesn't mean they take themselves too seriously. They have some fun color too.

The color I am reviewing for you today is called Fauntleroy and is a opaque creme in light lilac. It is creamy and goes on easily. It is thin, but isn't so thin that it doesn't cover in two coats. I can already tell that I'm going to be reaching for this polish a lot.

Nail Art - Sunset

Friday, June 24, 2016

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As I said in my last post, I had a hectic start to this week, so I have been playing catch-up ever since then. This is Tuesdays post and is Friday already. I didn't want to skip it though. I love Nail Art and I'll take any chance to do it.

This week I did that an easy gradient with a China Glaze kit called Chasing the Sun. It includes all you need to do the gradient that I did on my middle finger and thumb. On the other three fingers I polished the colors straight and added some glitter.

These colors are bright and fun. They are great for summer. They are even named summer names. For example, the bright orange is called Pool Party and the lighter orange, but still very bright, is called Sun Worshiper.

Now for the big reveal:

Plan With Me - Birthday Kit

Thursday, June 23, 2016

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Is it late Wednesday evening and I am just getting the Plan With Me posted. Both the blog post and the YouTube post. This week has started out hectic for both me and my boyfriend although I did have a happy birthday. It feels like its just getting back to normal.

Speaking of birthdays, that is what we're planning with this week, the Birthday Kit. I created this kit to be used on the week your birthday, so I used it this week since I was celebrating my birthday this week. It has a three-tiered birthday cake in the full boxes that you can use on your birth date. I also used some pink since it is my favorite color. I hope you like it.

Don't forget that these stickers come in both the sizes that will fit the MAMBI Happy Planner and the sizes that will fit the Erin Condren planner. They are available in my online shop at

Here is what the Birthday Kit looks like:

Guest Post - Cindy Ingalls of Prime Beauty Blog

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Title: PÜR Cosmetics Big Look Lengthening Mascara! IMG_5406 Have you ever bought makeup and then forgotten about it until, oh I don't know maybe MONTHS later? M'kay just me then. When you're a beauty blogger it can happen! Just take a look at my vanity and you'll understand.

Nail Art - Mix It Up

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This has been an interesting week. Last week our car's transmission broke down in another town and we have been trying to figure out how to get to home. Then we had difficulties with both our power and internet. That's why I'm posting late. I am using the WiFi at McDonald's to get this out!

I just finished editing my Nail Art video for YouTube and I am excited that it is better than the past videos. If you have 5 minutes watch it. I am improving. That learning curving does seem so daunting anymore.

This week I decided to mix it up and do something different on each nail. I started with foundation by Jessica and put glitter on the ring finger. The index finger has a daisy on it. The middle finger has stripes on it. And the pinky and thumb have dots.

Here is the design I created for you:

Plan With Me - June 13-19

Monday, June 13, 2016

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I am really excited about this spread! My favorite color is pink. This spread is completely pink. To some people in my seem like too much pink, but to me it's gorgeous! I absolutely love it.

I kept the stickers in that covered more whitespace, and this is a no whitespace spread.

(After the video I added the special occasion boxes from the month-at-a-glance spread for Flag Day and Father's Day. I had forgotten those previously.)

The packet I demonstrated for you today is called Perfect Love. It is available in my store at It also comes in Erin Condren size stickers, as well as the MAMBI Happy Planner that is shown.

Plan With Me - Month of July

Saturday, June 11, 2016

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I am so excited about this spread! I love, love, love these stickers! The month of July stickers are the color of the blue skies of July. Those sunny days we look forward to. When I was doing this sticker spread I couldn't help but get excited for summer!

This is the way it looked when I was done:

Nail Art - Purple Net

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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You'll notice this week that I am doing well fewer posts. I decided that posting every day with too much for me, and and for you. I just can't seem to keep up with the schedule. Now that I've added YouTube to the mix it just seems too overwhelming. So I have cut back to four times per week.

I'm going to post on:
  • Sunday – Plan With Me (also YouTubed)
  • Tuesday – Nail Art (also YouTubed)
  • Thursday – Newsletter/Swatch and Review
  • Saturday – Meet the Blocker/Indie Maker/Craft Designer or Guest Post.

Hopefully, this will reduce my franticness and late nights and you will not have to see late posts all of the time.

Now to the topic at hand, Nail Art. I created an great design for you today. It turned out even better than I imagined.I used a purple, almost periwinkle, polished as my foundation and painted a net with acrylic paint in a darker color of purple. At the intersections I place purple, glass bead. Those little stickers are hard to work with! But they sure looked cute when I was done.

Here is the finished product:

Plan With Me - June 6-12

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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I have a really pretty spread for you today. I have included more stickers recently, which I will do to all of my week-at-a-glance packets. Now you have enough stickers to make a no whitespace spread.

The packet I demonstrated for you today is called Nautical. I love this packet. It has several beautiful patterns in blue, aqau and white. It is available in my store at It also comes in Erin Condren size stickers, as well as the MAMBI Happy Planner that is shown.

June Giveaway - Polish

Sunday, June 5, 2016

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Well, I have to have a Giveaway for my polish crowd too. I was going through my posts and realized that my review of Smith and Cult polish was, by far, my most popular post. Almost 5 times as popular as the nearest posts. So I thought I'd give away some Smith and Cult polish this month.

I will let the winner choose from the available polishes on their site. You can check out their site at:

I have some Smith and Cult polish coming and will review more of a for you. I love their polish and I hope you will enjoy these upcoming reviews as much as you enjoyed the last one.

Here is the giveaway:

Meet the Blogger - Caffeinated Cuticles

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I am starting a new segment on my blog called "Meet the Blogger" in which I interview a different blogger every month. This is my first installment of this segment. When I put out a call for bloggers to sign-up Jenn was right on it. I am happy to bring you Jenn Baril of Caffeinated Cuticles.

I ask her how and when she began blogging.

I started blogging about four years ago. I started as a place for my own thoughts and opinions on polish. Like a diary.

June Giveaway - Planner Stickers

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I've decided to do a Giveaway this month. Looking back over my blog, I found that I haven't done one for over a year.

I have started making planner stickers. At first I made them for myself because I wanted to have them for my planner. But I have found that others like them as well, so I am offering them for sell in my shop. I make the MAMBI Happy Planner size and Erin Condren size stickers in the week-at-a-glance and month-at-a-glance packets.

This giveaway will have two winners, one of each planner size, and all the entrants must do is subscribe to my blog.

Pink Wednesday - Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Sugar Plum

Friday, June 3, 2016

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Can you believe it's a new month, that this year is almost half over and that it is almost summer? We were just talking about getting a new air conditioner before it gets too hot. Right now, the ceiling fans are doing it, but it won't be much longer and they will just be stirring around the hot air.

Spring is my favorite time of year. I'm sorry to see it go. It always seems too short, especially in Utah. We have long summers and long winters, but short falls and springs. Maybe it's just my perspective because I like them best.

I am just getting my Pink Wednesday design posted for you. It seems that I have been running a day behind for a couple of weeks now, although I did it and photographed it yesterday.

The color is just off-pink, kind of a light coral. I had this this beautiful Sugar Shimmer by Sally Hansen that I wanted to use and the other shades just flowed from there.

Here is what I did for you:

Plan With Me - 5/31 & Free Planner Insert!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

purchased by meI am so excited to introduce my new stickers! I have completed two YouTube "Plan With Me" videos to show them off. One is the June Month-at-a-Glance spread and one is the May 30th through June 5th spread. They are both really beautiful and I make them to fit both the Erin Condren and the MAMBI Happy Planner.

The June spread comes with all you see here. You can indicate other "to do" stickers that you want at checkout.

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