Sidebar ad sponsorships are available now on My Stunning Nails, LLC (formerly Lisa's Nail Obsession) – hip hip hooray! I am so excited to help you promote and grow your business. With over 700 people subscribing to My Stunning Nails, LLC, we will grow quickly together. Here are a few more reasons to advertise with My Stunning Nails, LLC:

Bloglovin' Followers: 705
Facebook Followers: 3037
Twitter Peeps: 640
Pinterest Followers: 1888
Instagram Followers: 469
Google + Followers: 441
Linked In Connections: 232
Klout Score: 43
Newsletter Subscribers: 601
Email Subscribers: 79
Feedly Followers: 18
(Numbers current as of 05/04/15.)
I promote all of my blog posts through social media daily, resulting in increased opportunities for
your ads to get viewed! Your ad will be live once you complete payment and approval is granted. Not all ads are guaranteed to be placed. Ads will be approved upon my discretion – ensuring that your business is a good fit with my blog theme and interests.

I also offer product spotlights (product reviews), promotional discounts, and promotional giveaways in addition to the sidebar ads. I can do these in any combination that will meet your needs.

Product Spotlight (or product review): Includes an assessment of the signature qualities of each product.

Discounts: The discount code is offered to all who read my blog and then I promote the heck out of it.

Giveaways: This starts with a giveaway of a product(s) or a gift certificate from your shop. I have readers sign up for the giveaway with links to your Facebook page, Twitter account, or anything you would like. (I like using Rafflecopter for giveaways.) The giveaway can last as long as you would like -- up to a month.
Contact me at to set up these types of promotions.

Testimonials: With Lisa's advertising and sponsored giveaway, I was able to not only promote my product, but obtain new followers on my Facebook page. Her promotion lasted through October (2012) and that first week was my "most popular week" according to Facebook stats. By the end of the advertising period, I had gained 181 new likes on Facebook. She was also able to send me 185 unique email addresses of people who were interested in my product.

Aside from Facebook, Lisa spotlighted my product in a detailed review complete with pictures. It was a blog-style review, which is very popular with my target audience. It allows for easy commenting, saving, and shares among peers.

If given the opportunity, I would definitely advertise with Lisa again!

~Lisa G.                   
Twenty Seven Polish

Thank you Lisa for advertising my Etsy Store on your blog! I am pleased with the amount of traffic I received from the advertisement. Let's do it again soon!

~Michelle Neasbitt
Laquerlicious Lacquer

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