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I grew up on a small farm in Logan, Utah where we had a large variety of animals including cats and dogs and for a little while a pony. I am the oldest of  four sisters and a brother. I was very involved in the 4-H program and took all of the cooking, sewing, animal raising, and craft programs offered. I had many opportunities for lessons in piano, voice, dance, tumbling and yes even baton lessons. Eventually I focused on voice and dance and used those talents in high school and college to gain opportunities to perform.

I studied Human Development in college and used my time to participate in as many research projects and apprenticeships as I could possibly fit in to my schedule. I graduated with honors and started my first job working with people with disabilities. Only a few months after being hired the director left and I was offered the position. I worked there for three years.  We provided services to people with disabilities in their homes.

The director's position was followed by a job at Utah State University in the Special Education Department.  I took a position as Project Coordinator of a project in which we created a CD-Rom based educational program for elementary and middle school inclusion teachers. It provided training and simulated experience in successful behavior interventions in the classroom. 

When the funding for this project ended I decided I wanted to stay at Utah State University so I looked for another position on campus. The position of academic adviser became available so I applied and was hired.  I worked for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences for seven years as primary adviser for the colleges of English and Landscape Architecture. (Weird combination, I know.) I absolutely loved it and created many successful programs.

I went to Boise for a few years following that and got my Nail Technicians license and worked as a Nail Tech for awhile. When I was there I had a stroke and eventually moved back to Logan, Utah to be near my family. I do nails now as a way to improve my small motor skills and because I love it!

I have had a story on here from Etsy. Two things are wrong with that. I gave up my Etsy store some time ago and it was done at my home in Boise which I haven't lived in for awhile. So here is a new story about me and my polish room here in Logan, Utah.

I do nails and write my blog in a spare bedroom of our apartment I call my polish room or office. Although I think it is rather organized right now, some people wouldn't. I always have polish, brushes, files, etc. on every surface. But I usually know where everything is and can lay my hands on what I need.

My boyfriend got me this beautiful oak roll top desk for Christmas last year and I have loved it! I have all my goals taped to the back and a project on one of the slide outs and my Blog Planner and iPad on the other.

My polish is stored in three helmers I purchased from Ikea. I live in an apartment right now so I can't have them on racks. I'm planning to go through them and thin them out soon since the drawers are bulging. On top are all of my untrieds.

This hutch hold all of my nail accessories. I have quite a few files and buffer because I used to work as a nail tech and they are left over. I also have a few bins of nail art accessories that I have collected.  On top are all of my practice nails. (You can also see where the cats have ruined the blinds!)

I adopted my kitchen table to use for doing nails. It was too big for this apartment's kitchen anyway. It is great and, as you can see, I have a "white" light so can see the true color of the polish.

Recently, I got a soft box and a daylight bulb for taking pictures. I'm still getting used to it but I think it will help me take better pictures in the long run. The soft box was very inexpensive on eBay and the bulb I got at Walmart.

I am planning to start shooting video for YouTube soon (as soon as my editing software gets here). I have prepared a backdrop for times that I will be on camera. The sign and Chinese lanterns are from my sales at a fair. I put up a little Christmas Tree for the season!

Lastly, I got some lights for shooting film. They were surprisingly inexpensive on eBay.

So that is my office or polish room. It may seem like I have a lot of stuff but I have been doing this and collecting stuff for years! Doing nails is my passion and my job.
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